"A Solution When a Nation's Schools Fail"

- Nicholas Kristof • 15 July 2017


"Liberia is outsourcing education. Can it work?"

In a country where schools are in crisis, the government decided on drastic action

- Financial Times Magazine • 21 April 2017


"A report card for Liberia’s charter schools."

New research suggests that a pioneering scheme has made an encouraging start

- The Economist • 7 September 2017


"Independent report proves Liberia’s bold education innovation is working."

- Bridge • 6 September 2017


"Bridge graduates 227 teachers as PSL hits south east."

- New Dawn • 21 August 2017


"My Mom told me I had to keep going."

- Aneri Pattani • 27 June 2017

When George Werner inherited a failing education system in Liberia, he knew that radical changes were necessary to get the nation's schools back on track. In January, 2016, he announced the Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL), a public-private partnership meant to address the challenges facing the West African nation's education system.
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Due to decades of conflict and the devastating effects of Ebola, access to quality education in Liberia has become a national emergency. Less than 60 percent of children attend government schools, and less than 20 percent of women with a fifth-grade education can read a single sentence.