Partnership Schools for Liberia
A Story of Change and Hope 

Right now, the story of public education in Liberia is one with which we're all familiar. But that story is about to change. In 2016, President Sirleaf and her Ministry of Education announced the Partnership School for Liberia initiative. The plan is to unite education providers with proven track records in delivering high-quality education with public primary schools across Liberia. 

Bridge International Academies was chosen as one of the first partners for this initiative due to its tremendous success in delivering excellent learning outcomes in its over 450+ nursery and primary schools. Our values and mission align perfectly with the  goals of this initiative: to create powerful learning environments that dramatically improve education for thousands of Liberian children. 



We know the education story in Liberia

  • Only 20% of children enrolled in primary school will complete secondary school
  • 42% of children are out of school
  • 50% of children are joining school 3 to 6 years late
  • 63% of girls between the ages of 15-24 are illiterate
  • Just over 60% of primary aged girls are out of school

But that story is changing...  

The Government of Liberia is on a mission to dramatically improve education and ensure inclusive and quality education for all. The Ministry of Education has already started to institute bold responses, such as:

  • Providing $2 million in grants to its schools
  • Renovating facilities
  • Distributing textbooks and teachers’ guides.
  • Creating the Partnership Schools for Liberia!  

A new, bright future is on the horizon


Understanding the Partnership Schools for Liberia Initiative 

The pilot phase of this initiative will kick-off in the 2016-2017 school year.  All schools in the partnership will continue to be free to Liberian families. They will remain under government control and be closely monitored to ensure they meet the Ministry of Education’s standards and expectations for primary and nursery schools. The story of education in Liberia is not etched in stone. Through the Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative a new future is on the horizon.

Who are the partners?

The Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) initiative is a collaborative team effort in which all partners work together to dramatically improve public education for the children of Liberia. The PSL team includes the Government of Liberia and several innovative education providers, of which Bridge is one, but it also includes the essential, invested efforts of dedicated Liberian teachers, school administrators, parents, and communities. For our part, Bridge is honored to contribute our proven expertise during this watershed moment in the history of Liberian education!

Why was Bridge chosen?

Bridge was selected as partner for this initiative by Liberia’s President and her Minister of Education, both of whom were familiar with and impressed by Bridge’s 9-year history of providing high-quality education to the children of Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and India. Bridge’s approach to improving and reforming education for the children of the world is not only groundbreaking, but also remarkably successful. In Kenya, for example, Bridge’s pupils scored 63% compared to a national average of 44% (for public schools) in 2015. It’s results like these that Bridge will bring to Liberia! Visit our website to learn about our other stories of success!


Understanding Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia 

 Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Bridge started the pilot phase of the initiative by partnering with a select number of Liberian public primary schools to create Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia (Bridge PSL). Through these partnerships Bridge will implement its proven model of school management, teacher support and increased learning outcomes. As we’ve done in our 450+ academies, we will create powerful schools that embody what all public schools in Liberia should (and can) become -- powerful places of learning that provide parents, pupils, and teachers a stable, supportive environment they can trust, and opportunities and resources to help them reach their potential and achieve success. But we aren’t doing it alone! Only in partnership can we create powerful public schools.

Partnering with schools to help children rise to the TOP! 

Bridge Partnership Schools will be places of Trust, Opportunity, and Pride (TOP)

  • Powerful places of learning that provide parents, pupils, and teachers with schools they can trust
  • Powerful places of learning that deliver results and create opportunities for parents, pupils, and teachers
  • Powerful places of learning that create a sense of pride throughout the school and community

Partnering with schools to create change for the BETTER! 

Bridge Partnership Schools will have six key benefits that we call BETTER! 

  • Books in every classroom: Bridge will provide each student with the books and learning aids needed to excel
  • Excellent curriculum and learning outcomes: Bridge will ensure that teachers are equipped to succeed in the classroom by providing them with the daily lesson plans they need to drive better learning outcomes
  • Technology to support teaching and school management: Bridge will leverage its innovative technological systems to create a world of support for educators and their schools
  • Training to build stronger teachers: Bridge will bring its proven methods of teacher training to build confident and effective teachers 
  • Extra activities like sports and academic performances: Bridge will help create partnership schools that are holistic places of development
  • Renovated and beautiful schools:  Bridge partnership schools will be painted in the partnership colors and ensure that classrooms are equipped with sufficient desks/chairs and materials